Me at 17 on tour with a plate of food and a red cup. #throwbackthursday thx DJ Speed...
'The Midterm + Behind The back Between Te Legs' - Had to add some spice to it to make it a combo. #TBT
I am having way too much fun
Very creamy green smoothie, recipe at
Photo booth time!😁🎉
Missão cumprida! depois de mais de 2 meses voltando pra casa. Obrigado pelos momentos memoráveis senhor 🙏. Obrigado Gold, Margaret e Bells por me ter aqui, Obrigado Australia, nos vemos ano que vem! #partiuMarere #querominha🏡 ll Done! After 2 months im going back home Thanks God for the memorable moments 🙏 Thanks Gold,Margaret and Bells for having me Thanks Australia. See you next year. #happy #home #makeitsomething
Throwback Thursday or Tru Blue Thursday? Marcus Trufant retires today the right way.. as a Seahawk. #tbt #trutotheblue
@officialr5 is on next with @candiceonrd! They will be talking about their performance at the #RDMAs on Saturday! We had R5 play musical chairs! Watch and see who wins!
New picture of Joult today in London. So cute 😍
When I went to Tokyo with GQ and met a very strange mannequin. #tbt
Nom Nom Nom 😋
a thousand or so frames from last night's sunset atop mount #nemrut. music: var by @sigurros

check my twitter for the full 1 minute clip - same username.

@comeseeturkey #timelapse #comeseeturkey
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مد رجولك على قد لحافك! 
لا تعليق! ننتظر الفيلم ونشوف آخرتها  مع هالضجة!

عموما مواعيد عرض فيلم #اسمعني٢ يوم السبت الجاي على الوطن:
١-  الساعة ٧ مساء على تلفزيون الوطن
٢-  الساعة ١٠ مساء على الوطن بلس
٣- الساعة ٢ (فجر الاحد) على تلفزيون الوطن
منشن لشخص تهديه هالاغنية 
А мы сытые, довольные, счастливые и влюбленные едем домой😋😝❤️