my bad. water from mtn Everest and mud from the DEAD sea. so neat. love the lokai. thank you Mae! x
All my ladies getting their oil checked @clm91302
Buenas noches Europe, 🇮🇹good evening US! 🇺🇸
اهداء مؤقتي😂
الحقيقة المره، نعم الجسم صح والتقسيم مظبوط، بس عيالنا غير، خفة دم ما صاااااارت. اجل عاجل ومؤدب، والخصر نحيل وقدك المياس يا عمري؟ ما نبغاه ما نبغاه 
خفت طينه وسمار قتال والروح حلوه؟ اجل وأجل وثم اجل 
يا زين عيالنا زيناه
confused at all the men who got butt hurt over me not showing my physique in the last pic. lol.
waffles for lunch is totally okay
Stopped by @californiadonuts to get some donuts 🍩🍩 Thank you @californiadonuts 😘😘 #ninaootd
Two 6s make a 12 #thatswhathesaid #sportblue
GONE MAD !!!!!! 👀😳😩😫😁😜 #rockstarrshittttt
I got nominated by @allstar_82 to do the #IceBucketChallang so I nominated @jeriah4 @nessypooh93 @jay.wil89 Shit was cold AF!
I was able to listen to the full mastered version of our upcoming self titled record #BlackVeilBridesIV last night and I can honestly say this is my favorite collection of songs we've ever put together. A HUGE thank you to Bob Rock, Eric Helmkamp and the entire team who worked on this album with us. It's such an amazing feeling to know it's completed and it's just the way we wanted it! Stay tuned for something new coming your way very soon! 💀 photo taken by @fatpogarty at 2:30 AM outside the studio during a long night of work.
Aquí estoy...
Tú también...
Aunque sea en la imaginación babe 🎶🎶🎶
A local joint that supports local farms. Delicious tacos and yummy margs. Taco Guild in AZ. #locallove #locavore #farmtotable #TacoGuild #briemode
They Dnt Kno Nuthin About Me!! 🔥🔥🔥 #PBM @kingcarter @ravmoney @official_pbmgmt @louie_jay1 @pudgystacks @djboogz
La la laaaa go go go